Rapid Trauma Resolution with Clinical Hypnosis

Rapid Trauma Resolution with Clinical Hypnosis provides direct communication with the deeper part of the mind sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind. This part of the mind directs the way people automatically feel, think and act. There are many misconceptions about hypnosis. To begin with, it has nothing to do with being asleep, losing consciousness or being under another person’s control. In addition, it does not involve subliminal or auto suggestion as some might believe. When used by a competent clinician, it is a safe and effective treatment for many emotional issues.

Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR) can pinpoint and dissolve the negative effects past trauma may have on one’s emotions, behavior or health. RTR is transformational communication that engenders a change in perspective. RTR is also effective in reducing pain and promoting healing, thereby making it of great value to people struggling with physical and emotional ailments.

Sometimes people struggle with behaviors and emotions that they know are irrational but are unable to change them. For instance, a person may understand that public speaking isn’t inherently dangerous; however, they are unable to get themselves to do it. Others may freeze up when taking an important test and are unable to recall what they have previously studied. Clinical hypnosis is an excellent method of quickly facilitating resolution so that negative feelings are no longer impeding desired change.

Many people realize they would be so much healthier if they were able to stop smoking, lose weight or start exercising, yet they seem unable to successfully implement these changes. Clinical hypnosis can resolve these conflicts and provide for integration and harmony in the individual’s life.

People who have been traumatized by:

• Physical, verbal and sexual abuse
• Incest or rape
• Death of a loved one
• Crime and Domestic Violence

May continue to suffer from:
• Stress related disorders
• Anxiety and Depression
• Substance Abuse
• Panic Attacks and Nightmares
• Insomnia

Rapid Trauma Resolution with Clinical Hypnosis is an effective and gentle method of treatment. Together these methods quickly facilitate dramatic and lasting change.

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